Covid-19 - discussion

Covid-19 - discussion

Of 9, U. Most HCP patients were not hospitalized; however, severe outcomes, including death, were reported among all age groups. It is critical to ensure the health and safety of HCP, both at work and in the community. As of April 9,the coronavirus disease COVID pandemic had resulted in 1, cases and 92, deaths worldwide, includingcases and 16, deaths in the United States 12. Health care personnel HCP are essential workers defined as paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials 3.

These preliminary findings highlight that whether HCP acquire infection at work or in the community, it is necessary to protect the health and safety of this essential national workforce. Cases among persons repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China, and the Diamond Princess cruise ship during January and February were excluded. HCP patient health outcomes, overall and stratified by age, were classified as hospitalized, hospitalized with ICU admission, and deaths.

The lower bound of these percentages was estimated by including all cases within each age group in the denominators. Upper bounds were estimated by including only those cases with known information on each outcome as denominators. Data reported to CDC are preliminary and can be updated by health departments over time.

The upper quartile of the lag between onset date and reporting to CDC was 10 days.

More Encouraging Signs for Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment

Because submitted forms might have missing or unknown information at the time of report, all analyses are descriptive, and no statistical comparisons were performed. Stata version AmongU. As of April 9,a total of 9, U. HCP with mild or asymptomatic infections might also have been less likely to be tested, thus less likely to be reported.

Compared with reports of COVID patients in the overall populations of China and Italy 45reports of HCP patients in the United States during February 12—April 9 were slightly younger, and a higher proportion were women; this likely reflects the age and sex distributions among the U.

HCP workforce. Among HCP patients who reported having contact with a laboratory-confirmed COVID patient in health care, household, or community settings, the majority reported contact that occurred in health care settings. However, there were also known exposures in households and in the community, highlighting the potential for exposure in multiple settings, especially as community transmission increases.

Further, transmission might come from unrecognized sources, including presymptomatic or asymptomatic persons 67. Together, these exposure possibilities underscore several important considerations for prevention. Additional measures that will likely reduce the risk for infected HCP transmitting the virus to colleagues and patients include screening all HCP for fever and respiratory symptoms at the beginning of their shifts, prioritizing HCP for testing, and ensuring options to discourage working while ill e.

Given the evidence for presymptomatic and asymptomatic transmission 7covering the nose and mouth i. Even if everyone in a health care setting is covering their nose and mouth to contain their respiratory secretions, it is still critical that, when caring for patients, HCP continue to wear recommended personal protective equipment PPE e.

Training of HCP on preventive measures, including hand hygiene and PPE use, is another important safeguard against transmission in health care settings.

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COVID cases with known hospitalization status described in a recent report 8 and might reflect the younger median age 42 years of HCP patients compared with that of reported COVID patients overall, as well as prioritization of HCP for testing, which might identify less severe illness.

Similar to earlier findings 8increasing age was associated with a higher prevalence of severe outcomes, although severe outcomes, including death, were observed in all age groups. Older HCP or those with underlying health conditions 89 should consider consulting with their health care provider and employee health program to better understand and manage their risks regarding COVID The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations.

Thus, the number of cases in HCP reported here must be considered a lower bound because additional cases likely have gone unidentified or unreported. Second, among cases reported in HCP, the amount of missing data varied across demographic groups, exposures, symptoms, underlying conditions, and health outcomes; cases with available information might differ systematically from those without available information.After a week or so of experience in trying and failing to keep threads on topic photo-related I've had to lock several of them.

Some folks feel like we should be able to talk about it, even though it's not photography-related. It is a huge world issue. Others feel like they're sick of reading about it and want DPR to be a place where they don't have to think about.

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Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register.Watch the full Chart Chat to learn more. Jeff looked back at the Influenza Outbreak for parallels in how data informed and controlled that pandemic.

covid-19 - discussion

A paper from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences used a curve chart to show how municipal responses from St. Louis and Philadelphia had radically different effects on the spread of the virus.

Amanda then discussed what the curve will really look like as countries adapt their testing and mitigation strategies. She described how the curve chart is helping bridge the gap between those people who work with data every data and those with little to no data knowledge.

The reality of the coming weeks and months will not be as smooth. Social distancing will push the peak further out. More testing will reveal more cases and push the curve upwards. There may well be multiple waves. I showed how unequal age bands and a large amount of missing data were easy traps and might confuse people reading quickly and looking for something to share on social media.

My takeaway?

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In normal times, we always warn people to take extra care to understand the underlying data and to read a chart before sharing. In these times of crisis, it is even more important to take extreme care when making any conclusion from a chart you see.

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To help further understanding of the rapidly evolving COVID situation, Tableau has developed a free data resource hub with connections to data from Johns Hopkins and jump-start visualizations to support analysis. Access the hub here. Andy Cotgreave. Here are links to the charts and articles that Jeff shared in the chat: Death rates from influenza Sept. Excess Mortality in U.

Cities During Influenza Epidemic, Pandemic Influenza: The Inside Story. February Public health interventions and epidemic intensity during the influenza pandemic. CDC Mitigation Guidelines.

covid-19 - discussion

We respect your privacy.Nevada is just one of the many states that has taken steps to minimize the risk and spread of COVID as cases increase across the state and the country. Schools have moved to remote instruction, non-essential businesses are temporarily closed, and most residents are now at home.

With public health at the forefront in Nevada and worldwide, accurate, scientifically-based information is needed now more than ever. At 10 a. They will share their expertise on how to minimize your risks, how to slow transmission, and where we go from here. As infectious disease epidemiologists, Professors Sy and Labus have decades of experience working on the front lines of public health issues at the local and national levels, including responding to the SARS outbreak in Kraushaar is an emergency medicine physician and epidemiologist who joined the SNHD as a medical investigator in It will also stream live on the Las Vegas Review-Journal website reviewjournal.

Skip to main content. Campus Maps. News Center. Social Media. UNLV Mail. When Mar. Description Nevada is just one of the many states that has taken steps to minimize the risk and spread of COVID as cases increase across the state and the country. The discussion will feature: Dr. Francisco S. SyProfessor and Chair of the Dept. Vit Kraushaar, Medical Investigator at the Southern Nevada Health District Office of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance As infectious disease epidemiologists, Professors Sy and Labus have decades of experience working on the front lines of public health issues at the local and national levels, including responding to the SARS outbreak in Contact Information.

Nicole Santero.The findings were not published in a peer-reviewed journal, but revealed in an internal video discussion of the drug trial among University of Chicago faculty that was obtained by STAT. The study included people with COVID, all of whom were treated with the remdesivir, which is not currently approved in the U.

Of the patients in the Chicago study, had severe disease, meaning they had difficulty breathing. In the video discussion, Kathleen Mullane, a professor of medicine at the university who is overseeing the trial, said most of the patients taking the drug had improved enough to be discharged from the hospital, and only two died. In this case, information from an internal forum for research colleagues concerning work in progress was released without authorization.

Drawing any conclusions at this point is premature and scientifically unsound. The substitute blocks the virus from copying its genome, jamming up the viral copy machine.

The drug was initially developed by Gilead as a possible treatment for Ebola, but when early trials against that disease were disappointing, the company put further development on hold.

However, previous lab studies showed that remdesivir actually had stronger antiviral activity against coronaviruses like SARS and MERS than against Ebola, so when COVID, also caused by a coronavirus, emerged, scientists aware of the lab data began using the drug to treat the new disease.

Because the drug is not approved for treating any disease, doctors cannot use it off label to treat COVID patients. The University of Chicago results follow other encouraging findings from a study published April 10 in the New England Journal of Medicine that followed 53 patients who were treated with remdesivir in the U. Gilead itself is also conducting two studies of remdesivir on COVID patients, one in those with milder breathing problems, and another in people with more severe respiratory disease.

Those results are expected in several months. Other studies of the drug in the U. Nether study compared the drug to a placebo, which is the gold standard for evaluating new drugs on safety and effectiveness.

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It will be several months more before those results are available. Contact us at editors time. By Alice Park. Related Stories. Receiving Government Benefits? The Coronavirus Brief. Please enter a valid email address. Sign Up Now. Check the box if you do not wish to receive promotional offers via email from TIME. You can unsubscribe at any time.Sign In. Community Browser. Quick links. Register Sign In.

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covid-19 - discussion

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COVID-19 Online Discussion Forum

Most Liked Authors.Posted on March 26th, by Dr. Francis Collins. Some folks are even making outrageous claims that the new coronavirus causing the pandemic was engineered in a lab and deliberately released to make people sick. A new study debunks such claims by providing scientific evidence that this novel coronavirus arose naturally. The reassuring findings are the result of genomic analyses conducted by an international research team, partly supported by NIH. The researchers began by homing in on the parts of the coronavirus genomes that encode the spike proteins that give this family of viruses their distinctive crown-like appearance.

But, over time, each coronavirus has fashioned these proteins a little differently, and the evolutionary clues about these modifications are spelled out in their genomes. The genomic data of the new coronavirus responsible for COVID show that its spike protein contains some unique adaptations. One of these adaptations provides special ability of this coronavirus to bind to a specific protein on human cells called angiotensin converting enzyme ACE2. However, to their surprise, the researchers found that the spike protein of the new coronavirus actually bound far better than computer predictions, likely because of natural selection on ACE2 that enabled the virus to take advantage of a previously unidentified alternate binding site.

Researchers said this provides strong evidence that that new virus was not the product of purposeful manipulation in a lab. In fact, any bioengineer trying to design a coronavirus that threatened human health probably would never have chosen this particular conformation for a spike protein. The researchers went on to analyze genomic data related to the overall molecular structure, or backbone, of the new coronavirus.

However, the region that binds ACE2 resembles a novel virus found in pangolins, a strange-looking animal sometimes called a scaly anteater. This provides additional evidence that the coronavirus that causes COVID almost certainly originated in nature. If the new coronavirus had been manufactured in a lab, scientists most likely would have used the backbones of coronaviruses already known to cause serious diseases in humans.

But they do offer two possible scenarios. In the first scenario, as the new coronavirus evolved in its natural hosts, possibly bats or pangolins, its spike proteins mutated to bind to molecules similar in structure to the human ACE2 protein, thereby enabling it to infect human cells.

This scenario seems to fit other recent outbreaks of coronavirus-caused disease in humans, such as SARS, which arose from cat-like civets; and Middle East respiratory syndrome MERSwhich arose from camels. The second scenario is that the new coronavirus crossed from animals into humans before it became capable of causing human disease. Then, as a result of gradual evolutionary changes over years or perhaps decades, the virus eventually gained the ability to spread from human-to-human and cause serious, often life-threatening disease.

Nat Med, 17 March Posted In: News. I am taken aback that Dr.

Reports of Fake Test Sites for COVID-19 Emerge Across U.S.

Collins does not even consider non genetic engineering techniques to manufacture such a virus in the Wuhan laboratories. To what end? Of course, I am assuming that the CCP is conducting biologic warfare type experiments in Wuhan to make corona viruses an offensive weapon…. Simple: by using the same method of the blog-said-paper, the link btw SARS-2 and Bat-virus does not stand at all, i. He was sworn in on August 17, On June 6, President Donald Trump announced his selection of Dr. Collins to continue to serve as the NIH Director.

We need to bring the full power of the biomedical research enterprise to bear on this crisis. Get the latest on early human tests of the antiviral remdesivir. If you have comments or questions not related to the current discussions, please direct them to Ask NIH. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas. NIH Director's Blog. Search Search Only Director's Album.

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