Harry potter fanfiction harry rides a dragon

Harry potter fanfiction harry rides a dragon

Harry was actually glad to be cleaning the attic. It was his last chore of the day and his Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley were always home by the time he got to the last chore. In the attic though they would leave him alone Vernon could barely fit up the ladder and Dudley was just way too lazy to climb it.

Without worrying about them Harry didn't have to watch his back or bite his tongue like usual. Plus it was quiet up here. Harry's aunt and uncle had been riding him particularly hard since meeting up with Hagrid and visiting Dragon Ally last week.

It didn't matter soon he'll be on the train to Hogwarts to begin his life as a wizard and hopefully leave his former life behind for good he simply needed to make it a lil bit longer.

Not particularly wanting to go downstairs to have to deal with his uncle and nephew harry continued cleaning around which is how he found himself in the farthest corner of the attic surrounded by boxes Harry found a large wooden chest with the name Lily Potter inscribe on it. Harry knew that this box must have belonged to his mother Harry began moving old Christmas boxes of ornaments and hand-me-down clothes out of the way.

Opening the chest harry saw that the contents must have been the last bits of his mothers property preserved and sent off to the last of her family Harry's aunt. It contained Old school books a photo album some clothing and to Harry's amazement a giant Ruby egg sealed in a plastic bag with evidence labeled across it. Harry's first thought was to wonder if his parents were police officers reaching over and touching the large Ruby egg Harry felt a consciousness slam into his own.

A voice spoke out to him I am Erogon last of the Dragon riders and the most powerful of all riders who have come before me. I'm speaking to you many years after my own death for I see it not far into my future and all the riders eggs have been destroyed I have failed, I have failed to preserve the dragon race but not all hope is lost for my Dragon Saphira has laid one final egg this egg the last of the mighty race of dragons you must learn to trust and rely upon each other with your very lives for the race of dragons is no more you are the last be brave be strong trust in one another and good luck.

Harry heard loud crack as the ruby carapace broke away reviewing a small red baby dragon sitting in half a hollowed out shell blowing a puff of smoke out it nose. Harry frantic with panic hurried the small dragon downstairs into his new room. The small dragon seem perfectly comfortable with Harry and wondered around his room playing with the tassels that came down off his bed from his blanket it's sort of reminded him of a baby kitten if you could ignore the fact that it was a dragon.

Harry nearly work him self up into a panic wondering what he should do when he remembered Hagrid. Hagrid got him an owl so he could write to him so that's just what he did. Dear Hagrid, I have the most extraordinary of news while cleaning out the attic I came upon one of my mothers old chess upon further investigation I found a dragon egg and it hatched for me I was wondering if you had any advice that you could offer in this being that I am still new to the magical world. If possible please respond immediately for my aunt and uncle most definitely will not take kindly to this new guest of mine.

Sincerely Harry Potter. Good girl do you think you could find him for me. The owl nipped harry on the back of his hand and flew out the window with the letter firmly in her grasp. Turning his attention to the baby dragon bumbling around on his floor. Thinking to himself, nothing to do now but wait.

Harry was awoken early in the morning by a large man standing over him in his bedroom. Startled awake harry immediately grabbed his right hand it felt as if it had been branded and after looking down at it, it looked as if it had there were three spiraling in circles on the back of Harry's hand.

harry potter fanfiction harry rides a dragon

Hagrid seeing the fresh brand asked what you go and do that for. Harry looking down at it and could only say it wasn't me it must had been the dragon when I was asleep. Hagrid frown down at it don't look like no dragon bite to me and no dragon can breathe fire before they're old enough neither. I know it why I'm here just got yer letter and came straight over. Well can I see the little guy.I would like a rental agreement with option to buy for Hermione Granger.

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I would never turn down a short-term contract with Nymphadora Tonks. A long-term agreement with Luna Lovegood would probably be a whole lot of fun. Any time Padma Patil wants to open negotiations, call me and oh for a weekend with Fleur. Oddly Lavender and Padma's sister despite being her twin Parvati do nothing for me…. Harry's feet hit the ground hard and he once again found himself sprawled face down on the ground. Well, he reflected, at least it was dry tall grass this time.

Fighting against the quaking that still plagued his muscles from Voldemort's cruciatus, he struggled to his feet. Well, that answered that. Harry looked up to see that Susan was running toward him from the stands as fast as she could. In Susan's wake were Hermione and his fellow champions. From a slightly different angle, he saw Dumbledore, the Minister of Magic, Susan's aunt Amelia and the rest of the judges also heading in his direction.

It occurred to Harry that he ought to figure out what he was going to tell everyone. He could not just tell them all the truth after all. Doing so would open him up to possible punishment for colluding with Kiska to win the first task, and letting the Ministry know that a specific group of dragons killed so many wizards would likely have some officious idiot ordering the death of Kiska and her brood. Well, he told himself, he had most specifically not wanted to be in this stupid tournament, and he had pretty much lied, cheated and traded on his celebrity through the whole thing.

Perhaps his best course of action was to keep right on with the skill set that had worked for him so far. If Harry had learned nothing else from Vernon Dursley he had learned that the best way to avoid having to explain yourself was to accuse the person who might have taken exception to whatever it was you needed to explain.

Sue, I'm about to be really stupid, just go along with what I say ok? I'll explain later. There are only three tasks you said," Harry glared at the assembled judges.

Why didn't you tell me about the fourth task?It was Harry's 10th birthday today and when he walked into the living room of Potter Manor it was filled with birthday gifts, except none of the gifts were for him, but for his twin-brother Gerard… The Boy Who Lived…. It was 10 years ago on a dark and windy Halloween that Harry and his twin were attacked by Voldemort at their parents cottage in Godrics Hallow while their parents were gone.

Nobody knows what exactly happened, but Harry's brother was proclaimed the defeater of Voldemort. In the beginning nothing changed, but slowly but surely only Gerard mattered to his parents.

When he was younger, the times increased that his parents forgot about him in his crib and only looked at his brother and that the house elves had to feed and take care of him. When Harry at the age of 3 used magic for the first time it was mistaken that Gerard did it and a huge party was thrown for him. Yet Harry was totally forgotten that night.

Harry Is A Dragon, And That's Okay (HP AU, crack)

At the of age 5 his parents forgot to take him back home for the first time when they had visited a quidditch game, he had to be brought back by a auror who saw him standing there lonely and sad. At the age of 6 Harry had to witness the fact that his mother for the first time only set up the table for diner for 3 people.

They were laughing and speaking jovially amongst themselves, having forgotten the boy who had to watch this from the doorway. He walked back to his room crying, and a house elf popped in with a plate filled with his dinner.

At the age of 8 Harry had to spend Christmas alone. Normally his father would wake him up early in the morning and they would all sit near the fire and open gifts. They would laugh and sing. But this Christmas his father didn't wake him up and when he awoke by himself and went downstairs he saw that the house was empty. One of the house elves told him that they had left to spend Christmas with Sirius, Remus and the Weasleys.

And they had all forgotten about him. And now at his 10th birthday, his parents forgot him entirely. Harry was broken inside from sadness, slowly throughout his childhood he had to witness as his parents more and more forgot him and started paying more attention to his twin-brother.

He grew up lonely, unloved with only the house elves as his real family. They never forgot him and they took care of him. But Harry finally had enough. He was done with being ignored and lonely. He decided in one impulsive moment to do something that would change his life… To run away. Harry woke up in the middle of the night. He placed his goodbye letter for the house elves on his nightstand and put on his clothes that he had already prepared.

He picked up his bag filled with absolute necessities; a wand he had managed to procure, some money and some clothes. He silently walked through the Manor and walked out of the Manor through the back door.

He took a couple of steps forward and turned around to face the Manor. If it was up to him, this would be the last time he laid his eyes upon the Manor. Memories flashed before his eyes, happy ones but mainly sad ones.

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It was just a reminder of the fact that if he would stay that the tally of sad memories would only grow.The man raised his sword to parry one of the many blades that were slicing through the air targeting him. Twisting after the closest sword bounced off his blade his stance widened to take more of the heavy strikes so as not be battered around too much while he deflected the blades away from his body. Continually turning and taking in where each enemy was and when they seemed to prepare to strike, he was able to fend off the forces that were slowly beginning to surround him.

A strike got within his defense and left a deep cut in his left shoulder.

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A muffled grunt of pain escaped his lips as he turned his body again to take the injured limb further from danger, still fending off attacks with his blade and keeping his feet moving. Striking down three more even as another handful joined the already large number of enemies surrounding him. An immeasurable distance away, there was another man who held a youthful appearance, though his true age was something much more He had been through more than his fair share of things in life and had seen more than a few things no one else he could ever meet would have seen.

His experiences were gained through many different jumps to different times and places. It was always involuntary, but the man who had now been around for a few millenia could not complain that his life was boring in any sense of the word. The now easily recognized feeling that came about just before he was taken to a new place fell over him and he did a few quick charms to ensure he had everything he needed before he left the reality he was in.

The feelings differed between traveling through time, traveling to a side reality or dimension and going to a different galaxies within the universe. His belongings secured, he stepped into the flow of magic that pulled him to the next place he was supposed to be. More hits landed as the man grew tired and the wounds were causing him to move slower and accumulate more, the blood was quickly seeping out of his body and puddling on the ground below him as he still fought back, though he was quickly losing hope.

A bright light erupted off to the side and drew the attackers' attention away from him for a few moments and he took advantage of their distraction to strike down another five Urgals. His red blade slicing through arms and shoulders drawing cries from the victims of the infamous blade and bringing the Urgals' attention back to him. Bodies of attackers quickly started dropping as a miniature light show danced into the darkness that had been disrupted just a few moments earlier.

A man who looked to be no older than twenty five stepped over the bodies he had slain and continued clearing out the monstrous creatures and Brom allowed himself to drop heavily to the ground as the last few enemies were destroyed. The man who had moved in to help kill the surrounding Urgals quickly stepped over to Brom and knelt next to him, a stick in his hand and beginning to move over Brom's broken body. A glow sprang up around his body for a few moments and a low curse was heard from the young man and he began making more intricate patterns over Brom's body and Brom could feel magic being pulled in around him and then being placed into the wounds on his body.

The wounds quickly closed up and Brom could feel his internal muscles knitting back together. Breathing a little easier, Brom was able to sit up and look over at his rescuer in wonder; this person had just healed all of his injuries as far as he could tell and yet he did not seem winded at all. He used his foot to roll one of the slain beings over and looked at it contemplatively.

He question isn't what rock I have been living under it is, what rock have I been living on. You see, I am a traveller. Never before have I come across this species though. They seem fierce. A grunt of exertion from Brom had the young man spinning around to look at the old rider. My name is Brom, stranger, and I thank you for your help. You say you are a traveller, where is your place of origin? The stranger looked at him for a few moments with unseeing eyes, "I have almost forgotten truly.

Travelling for so long, seeing so much, but my place is far across many seas. There was a feeling of ancient power hanging about the man who called himself Harry, an odd name in Brom's opinion, but it could be stranger he supposed.

You could never be too cautious in times like this.Just been having some writers block on it at the moment. I've had this idea in my head since book 3 came out for inheritance cycle and I cannot get rid of it.

harry potter fanfiction harry rides a dragon

Right now I am looking at about 13 chapters for this small fic, probably between 30K and 50K words. It might be more as I write.

Thanks for the read. The Eragon part starts prior to the Fall of the Riders. And as Harry hurtled to the door, a jar of dead cockroaches exploded over his head.

He wrenched the door open and flew away, up the corridor, stopping only when he had put t here floors between himself and Snape. There he leaned against the wall, panting, and rubbing his bruised arm. He had no desire at all to return to Gryffindor Tower so early, not to tell Ron and Hermione what he had just seen. What was making Harry feel so horrified and unhappy was not being shouted a or having jars thrown at him — it was because he knew how it felt to be humiliated in the middle of a circle of onlookers, knew how exactly Snape had felt as his father taunted him, and that judging from what he had just seen, his father had been every bit as arrogant as Snape had always told him 1.

Harry took a deep breath as he turned, walking from the spot where he caught his breath. He let his feet move of their own will it would seem, but Hogwarts was guiding the young wizard. Before long he found himself in front of a door he had never seen before. He frowned as he looked around, pulling the Marauders Map out of his pocket. He stated. He waited for the map to form before looking for his dot.

He found it on the bottom level of the castle. He saw that there was a door marked but there was nothing in the room, it was as if it was a void. He reached out to the door to touch it, thinking that his Father never had the time to enter.

He blinked a few times the door opened of its own accord. He heard a deep voice. Harry found himself entering the large chamber. Along the left and right walls where shelves of jewels, of many color, behind him were large stones, or at least what looked like stones.

In front of him was an obelisk. It seemed to be glowing as the voice spoke once more. Your magic will guide you to the egg that has found you worthy.Forums New posts New threadmarks Search forums. Tickets Open new ticket Watched. Spacebattles Merchandise. Spacebattles History. Log in Register. Search titles only.

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Reader mode. So this is an idea which bit me and wouldn't let go until I'd written at least this much. Cover art here. I won't have you lazing around with chores to do before school! It opened, and he crawled out before curling his tail into a coil to prevent it from bashing into anything. His wings stayed furled as he made his way into the kitchen, and began making breakfast for the whole Dursley family.

Sometimes, Harry wondered if perhaps his home life was a little bit odd, but it was a little hard to tell. Yes, he hadn't met any other dragons, and he could vaguely remember having not been a dragon at some point, but he'd almost never run into anybody who was the vaguest bit surprised. So perhaps he was a special kind of normal which everyone was used to? He certainly wasn't like the dragons in the stories in the school library, either. Those dragons were usually big and scary and liked carrying off Princesses and stealing gold, and when they didn't do that and were nice they still grew up very quickly — but Harry was almost eleven, and he was still smaller than his cousin who wasn't even a dragon.

He was like those story-book dragons because he liked to live in a lair, perhaps, but it was only the cupboard under the stairs. As he thought about what they might be doing in school today — it was very nearly the end of their time at primary school, and that meant they might be allowed to do what they wanted — Harry absently ate the eggshells from the fried eggs he'd made, then tipped the eggs onto plates along with rashers of bacon and slices of toast. Balancing one plate on his back and the other two on his wings, he made his way into the dining room and slid all three onto the table.

So he nodded, furling his wings in case he knocked anything over. Is it all right if I open another packet of bacon? Oh, sure, sometimes his cousin tried to bully him, but Harry had long since learned that there wasn't really anything they could do to him.

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Dragons were tough enough that other boys couldn't really hurt him, and if Dudley was being annoying Harry could just fly up onto the roof and wait out the lunch hour there. It got him shouted at, but that wasn't really a huge problem either. He wasn't really all that hungry, or uncomfortable in general, and somewhere his aunt and uncle had got the idea that shutting him in his cupboard without any food was a punishment — but they didn't like doing the chores themselves, so he was never shut in there long enough to actually become hungry.

Besides, flying was cool, and he could do a lot of that. As Harry had expected, the teacher only spent enough time to take the register before telling them that they could do whatever they wanted for the day. For a lot of the other children, that meant flooding out into the grounds to play ball games or run around having fun or sit in the sun, but Harry didn't like doing that much.Winners of the 2016 Performance and Awards Recognition (PAR)Introducing the Statistics DigestThe ASQ Statistics Division has been publishing a newsletter with the latest in Division news since winter 1980.

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harry potter fanfiction harry rides a dragon

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