Rise of kingdoms minamoto talent guide

Rise of kingdoms minamoto talent guide

Building the right talent paths for your Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is absolutely one of the hardest things to do.

rise of kingdoms minamoto talent guide

I also believe that almost everyone playing Rise of Kingdoms always looks for a decent commander talent guide to follow at the very beginning of the game. Thus, I do the best I could to test and show you guys the possible best talent builds in the game right now.

I will also do my best to update this list after every balance changes so make sure you guys bookmark this page to check it out whenever we have a new update! If you are using Frederick and going into PvP fightings in the field a lot, this is probably the best build for you!

We reduce the leadership talents and distribute the points into Skills talents. What this does is going to be maximizing the nuking capability of Frederick. I suggest this hybrid build should be used when you are attacking governor cities and not so much in the PvP fights in the field.

But since this is a hybrid build, it is acceptable to use for attacking into the field. This is a good build for you guys if you want to build have Uncle Fred a little bit of flexibility. Do note that there is a talent in the Peacekeeping path which gives you a chest for every time you defeat a Barbarian.

Please note that using Tomyris as primary commander is not recommended. However this is the build for someone who gets her to level 60 and do not have any better alternative. This is a great build If you are going to do most of the battles in the battle field or doing rallies for Alliance structures, Barbarian Forts or neutral units.

Use this build If you are the one who runs rallies on governor cities. Make sure you are well prepared and your Castle has a decently high amount of rally capacity. Do remember that you need to have a good moving speed while doing full cavalry because you want to move in and out with ease to isolate the enemies.

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Once again, we focus on the moving speed here because it is the best goal for you while using full cavalry armies.

You use Cao Cao as the primary commander here.

Ultimate Talent Tree Guide For All Commanders v6.0

Not just because of his strengths but he is also freaking awesome! This build is typically for P2W armies. This build focus more on the nuking part of the talent tree. Great for using with Nuker Commanders.

Using this build, you can play with full Archer armies. It is not recommend to build full cavalry here because it focuses more on skills rather than moving speed for your commanders. This build is very good for Pelagius because his skills do not add any moving speed bonus for the army.

He is probably one of the few best Epic nukers. If you focus on the Skill path, you will enhance her first skill that gives attack, reduces damage and reduces rage. If we focus on her skill, we can rapidly recover her Rage.

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Utilizing the Integration path allows her to bring more troops to the battles. In the battlefield, Joan is better as a primary commander. Having a great Support path helps her recover the Rage quickly. The Integration path also helps you a lot while battling. Make sure the Commanders above get their Gathering talents as soon as possible because you need to reply on them to grow your power faster. Having great Gatherers reduces the time for farming a lot, thus it gives you more resources, helping you upgrade buildings and research technologies in the Academy a lot faster.

Tip : Take a look at their skills first and then focus on the resources they have faster gathering speeds while upgrading talents.

This skill is only viable on defending your city base. But If you want to defend the city the most, Garrison Defense should be the best bet for you. The only thing you want to make sure is that you have good skill levels otherwise your commanders will be practically useless.Our goal at Everything RoK is to accelerate your learning curve and help you play a smarter game.

Through tips, tricks and guides, we will have you outperforming those who spend more than you. Have you ever wanted to play Rise of Kingdoms on your computer? BlueStacks is the emulator of choice for overRoK players. Remember Me. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. No games, no B.

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When you sign up, you'll receive exclusive content and updates. First Name Email Subscribe Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. Julius Caesar. Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Powering Up Minamoto and Cao Cao - Rise of Civilizations

Richard I. Eulji Mundeok. Joan of Arc. Kusunoki Masashige. Osman I. Scipio Africanus. Sun Tzu. Everything RoK August 1, Everything RoK May 30, Everything RoK April 24, Everything RoK January 31, Tookie Legends Gaming K March 22, Without wasting any more time, here are two builds that work best for rallying a city with Mehmed.

So, if you do what Mehmed does best with him, you want to rally cities and this is the talent build that I can recommend for that:. Build with RoKTalent Builder. Rejuvenate means that you will get rage each time Mehmed or your secondary commander will use a skill and it has a huge effect — before you use your skill the first time, it will take aorund 10 seconds to build enough rage but after that, the additional rage will let you roll through the skills within around 6 seconds.

Best choice to spend your first talent points. You will also gain additional rage from Burning Blood on the way and All For One is also a nice talent if you have a secondary commander that uses a primary skill that deals direct damage. After that make all the points on the right side so you get Close Formation to be able to unlock Name of the King on top. After that, you can spend the points for Armed to the Teeth and Armored to the Teeth on the sides.

Yes, Rejuvenate is simply too strong for the reasons I mentioned above to not have it in any build for Mehmed so this is your next must-have goal in this talent build as well. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All Guides. Search Search for: Search.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Leave this field empty.Every commander can have different talent build which depends on activity that you are about to do with certain commander, like farming barbarians, fighting on field, rally, etc. Commander with proper talent tree build will always win. I witnessed many times that tier 5 players lost against tier4 players just because they are using wrong talent tree.

Here you will find the best talent build that me and my kingdom members are using. When we find out new and better talent build we add it to the list. If You have questions or any better talent build, please share it in the comments and I will analyze it. For basic tips visit commanders tips and tricks. Amezingly well put guides with everything that one RoK player should know, well written and full of details, explained in depth and probably best guides out there, helped me alot!

Thx man! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Table of Contents. Max commander level is Max talent points are Level up your primary commander to Level up your secondary commander to 30 so you can unlock all skills. Do not level more than one commander at once. Epic Commanders Talent Tree. Joan of Arc. Osman I.However, his cavalry skills are not the only attributes that makes him a good cavalry commander but also his mobility skills, mobility talent tree and cavalry talent tree.

As you might have known, cavalry units in Rise of Kingdoms are the most mobile type of units in the game. They have the highest mobility speed. Cavalry skills and mobility skills are ingredients to an excellent cavalry commander. Like Minamoto no Yoshitsune, another excellent cavalry commander, Cao Cao is also a great nuker apart from being an excellent cavalry commander.

He has an active skill which deals significant damage to the target. Further improving his nuking ability, his fourth skill, restores rage and heals his troop. Each of the effect increases his nuking ability and increases his damage sustain ability respectively.

Healing might not directly improve his nuking ability but this lets him stay longer in battle. This definitely makes him a great nuking cavalry commander. He can easily annihilate weak marches in field. If a stronger march tries to engage a battle with him, he can easily avoid unnecessary battles through his march speed. You can definitely rely on Cao Cao to take on weak marches while minimizing your troop loses.

rise of kingdoms minamoto talent guide

Of course, this does not mean he is up against any opponents. In this Cao Cao talent tree build guide, it will focus on maximizing his mobility ability to its full potential. It will build Cao Cao with talents mostly improving his march speed. He might not have the best nuking ability he can have but his excellent mobility will allow him to pick the fights he can absolutely win and back down against stronger opponents.

After all, Cao Cao is known as one of the greatest military strategist in history. Supplement these skills with the right mobility talents for Cao Cao will extremely evolve his mobility. His first skill, Dragon Rider, deals significant damage to his target. The amount of damage he is able to deal to his opponents is one of the highest skill damage among all of the commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. His spamming ability is also improved through his fourth skill, Lofty Ambition.

Unlocking the best of both of these abilities through this Cao Cao talent tree build guide will surely mean a big problem to his enemies.

To do this, this Cao Cao talent tree build guide suggests unlocking talents from the Peacekeeping Talent Tree. Work your way up to Thoroughbreds to get your first mobility talent. Hasty Departure drastically improve your march speed when you depart from any structure.

Unlocking all of those talents transforms Cao Cao into an extremely mobile cavalry commander. Utilize this mobility advantage against your opponents by charging into weak prey in the open field.

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Let you enemies have unnecessary losses by taking out their weak marches and easily run away from their reinforcements to avoid any revengeful act from your opponents. These ultimately leaves great losses to your opponents while you having less to no losses at all. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

rise of kingdoms minamoto talent guide

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HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.Direct Damage Factor.

Best Seondeok Build (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms

This is where most of his output damage comes from. It deals direct damage to one target, up to damage in total in 2 seconds. Cavalry March Speed Bonus. Ottoman civilization is definitely a good one to have if your main focus is cavalry nuking.

Master of Kendo Passive Increases damage dealt to barbarians by troops led by this commander. Bonus Damage to Barbarians. So good for forts, barbarians, Keorak, bosses and all PvE contents. Effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds. Damage Taken Increased By. Super effective on the battlefield. I definitely recommend getting this commander maxed out If you want to mainly focus on him or you do not have enough resources to focus on anyone else.

You can use him in mixed troop dispatches as well. Both primary and secondary position are great. This talent tree is pretty well optimized. Because Saladin does not have any additional damage, I only give Latent Power 1 point. But If your Secondary commander has a lot of additional damage like Pelagius, Frederick, Osman etc, you want to maximize this talent.

So, this is the best overall build that you can use in the open-field and not paring with commanders that have a lot of additional damage. We still have the Emblazoned Shield here, which provides skill damage reduction. We have Latent Power, the most nuking damage in the game. Pair him up with Frederick, Pelagius, Osman or any commander that has insane additional damage factor bonus.

It maximizes the most output damage possible to the neutral units while still providing great march speed and the highest skill damage possible. Trial in Kurama-dera. Master of Kendo.

rise of kingdoms minamoto talent guide

Kyohachiryu Kiwami.Commanders are the heart of Rise of Kingdoms. There are many many possible builds players can choose when developing their commanders.

Best Minamoto Builds in Rise of Kingdoms

There are also many opinions as to which build is "best". This guide explains how to go about planning your build, and lists some common builds. The first thing to consider is how long you expect to play for, or how much money you are planning on spending on the game.

Legendary Commanders are the best, but also the most difficult to upgrade. Next, are Epic, Elite, and finally Advanced. P2P Pay to Play players may go after one or multiple Legendary commanders. Additionally, you will want to consider what role you will take in your Alliance :. F2P players typically won't be leading large rallies later in the game, but they will do a lot of PvE Player vs Enemy vs Barbarians and some of the Barbarian Forts.

Normally you'll want to focus on at least one of above for your primary commander, and then have decent additional commanders. For attacking type commanders, there are two types - those that have skills and talents specialized to one troop type, and those that enhance all troop types equally. The advantage to specializing is that if you can get a full march of one troop type, the buffs are effectively much higher, and you will be able to win more battles and march faster.

Best Mehmed II Builds (Talent Tree) in Rise of Kingdoms

There are several builds that focus on Cavalry, which can get you the fastest march speeds in the game, along with good attack buffs. The downside to specializing is that unless you plan on spending money to accelerate troop training, it takes a long time to get a full march of specifically one troop type. Hence typically P2P players specialize. F2P players often choose to generalize, as they can train all troop types simultaneously, the best way for them to get a large army is to train them all.

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So your main attack commander would buff all units the same. You still might upgrade a cavalry-only hero for quick marches to get runeshelp build alliance buildings or other non-combat missions where quick marches help. Lastly, there is a small rock-paper-scissors type buff with the 3 unit types.

It is a small effect but can turn the battle if all things else are equal. To some extent, your build may rely on luck getting statues. Eventually, you will get them all, but you likely won't want to wait weeks or months to use XP tomes on your favourite commander. Finally, for many players, the exact troop selection isn't THAT important.